Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty that includes the  evaluation, assessment, and treatment of individuals with limitations in mobility, movement, stability, or weakness  Our physical therapy team consists of licensed doctors of physical therapy along with licensed athletic trainers.  They  are trained to assess your condition and help you  regain maximum movement and stabilization, especially following an injury.


Our therapists use a variety of treatment modalities including:

Spinal Decompression

Class IV Laser

Electrical Stimulation

Myofascial Release

Cervical Traction

Vibration Therapy

Physio-Ball Exercise

Mechanical Traction


Functional Movement

Physical therapy will help you heal quicker, correctly, and help in the reduction of pain.  Each physical therapy program is tailored to your needs as a patient.  

Please note some therapy options are not available at every location so if you are looking for a specific therapy, please contact us so we can direct you to the closest location offering that therapy.