What is Regenerative Medicine?
Regenerative  medicine, otherwise noted as stem cell therapy, prp therapy, and  autologous therapy, seeks to replace tissue, joints, or organs that have  been damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital issues  by using all  natural amniotic cells  vs. the current clinical strategy that focuses  primarily on treating the symptoms .  These cells are used to promote  your bodies natural ability to heal when given the correct tools.

What conditions can regenerative medicine treat?
Regenerative  medicine  is used mostly in joints including knee’s, hip’s, wrist,  ankles and shoulders, however our physicians can evaluate any area  of  pain and see if you are a good candidate.  

Where do you get the stem cells?

Amniotic fluid is recovered aseptically from healthy live donors during cesarean section

(C-Section full-term delivery at child birth). All donors are educated and screened prior to delivery. Additionally, all fluid is serologically tested to eliminate the

potential for communicable disease by adhering to the strictest AATB guidelines.

Is this treatment safe?
A  100 year history has been documented with no reported recipient  rejection's, since the amniotic  tissue does not express HLA type  antigens.  In fact there is a significant body of peer reviewed research  documenting   anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumorigenic  characteristics.  Additionally, the research shows development of  healthy, strong tissue regeneration

Who is performing the procedure?
 When  receiving your regenerative treatment you will have access to our  world-renowned physicians on staff.  The physicians performing the  procedures vary based upon the procedure but includes Interventional  Pain Physicians and Orthopedic Surgeons.

Where do I go for the procedures?
When  performing regenerative procedures, there are options that include in office procedures as well as procedures performed at one of our surgical  centers.  By performing these procedures  in our surgical center you will be in a completely sterile environment to reduce the chance of  infection while  fluoroscopic guidance will be used to ensure we get the best results.   All procedures are  performed by our licensed medical doctors to ensure the best quality of care.   

What is the process?
 Our  approach starts with an evaluation by one of our physicians that will  include a physical examination as well as imaging to evaluate if you are  a good candidate with a high likelihood that you will respond well to  regenerative medicine.    Please remember that completing all  recommended procedures are vital to you getting the best success at our  clinics.  Our surgical facility is an extension of our Wellness Center,  staffed with physicians who understand the importance of fixing the  cause of the problem rather than the symptom.  To ensure the best  results, you will be placed on a treatment protocol specific for you.   It is important that you complete the entire course of care as  recommended.  The first injections are to prepare the joint for  regenerative medicine by eliminating inflammation and improving  structure.  During this time you may receive minimal medication in the  joint such as a steroid.   When the joint is as healthy as possible, the  final series of injection(s) will be the regenerative cells that  promote healing.  Our regenerative  procedures will only be performed on  patients who have completed the full recommended protocol to ensure the  best results.   Please feel free to contact one of our regenerative  specialists with any questions or to schedule your consultation with one  of our physicians.